Assuring Customers Quality Value
Competitive markets brings out the best and worst from market players. As brands get more popular, counterfeits flood the market. BSB Junrose has successfully countered fakes in the market and continues to give customers peace of mind when it comes to the parts they are buying through its 3L strategy:

The central pillar - customers know that when a product has BSB's support with their proprietary Quality Seal that they are assured of genuine quality parts.
The second pillar in the strategy is the linking with different stakeholders in the market. The communication and market information campaign provided by our network of market informants goes side by side with our legal moves
The third pillar in the strategy - BSB and its legal team, with the support of various government agencies and the judiciary system, goes after the parties responsible for the spread of fake goods.
The strategy has worked well with known brands such as 555, SUN and NOK. The 3L strategy combined with an excellent reputation, decades of experience and unique internal capabilities places BSB in a very good position for success in the automotive aftermarket industry.
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